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TensCare Digi Duckling Digital Water Thermometer and Baby Bath Time Toy, yellow

TensCare Digi Duckling Digital Water Thermometer and Baby Bath Time Toy, yellow

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  • Reassurance that the bath water is at an ideal temperature for your little ones
  • Quick and easy to read LCD display
  • Red warning light illuminates when the water temperature is too hot
  • Tap to turn on with automatic turn off after an hour
  • Safe, fun and encourages early number recognition for children
Our Digital bath water thermometers use innovative digital technology to provide you with the peace-of-mind that your child's bath-time is both safe and fun. The Digi Duckling floats on the surface of the water, providing you with an accurate digital water temperature reading whilst blending in with your child's other bath-time toys. Large LCD screen provides easy, quick readings of the water temperature. It is water resistant, so no need to worry about water damage. A red light will illuminate if the temperature is too hot. Digital technology provides an accurate and reliable reading. 1 x Digi Duckling Bath Time Thermometer with battery included

From the manufacturer

Digi DuckDigi Duck
Picutre of the yellow digi DuckPicutre of the yellow digi Duck

Digi Duck

Bath Thermometer and Toy

Bath time will never be the same.

With the cute Digi Duck, you can easily and quickly discover the temperature of your babies bath. Helping to avoid any boiling hot baths.

It also doubles up as a cute toy with your baby to play with in the bath, with the battery sealed in a water tight compartment, theres no worries with allowing your baby to play with the Digi Duck to their hearts content.

Make bath time easy and fun.

Key Features

Turn onTurn on


Small and convenient Small and convenient

Automatically Turns Off

The Digi Duck automatically turns off after an hour in use. So do not worry about leave the duck and coming back to a drained battery. Allowing you to focus on the important things and enjoy bath time.

To turn the Duck on, simply hit the base against the palm of your hand.

Waterproof Seal

The battery and rest of the duck has a water tight seal, so no water will leak into the device, nor get the battery wet. Allowing for continued use and gives you the knowledge that your baby can play with the duck in safety

Small and Convenient

The Digi Duck is a small and convenient. Meaning it can fit into any bag and is perfect for travel. So you can take it with you on holiday or simply to Grandma and Granpa's house. You'll never be with out your trusted duck thermometer

Safe FlexiStimSafe FlexiStim
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