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MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti Colic Starter Set, Newborn Bottle Set and Soother, Newborn Essentials, Blue (Designs May Vary)

MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti Colic Starter Set, Newborn Bottle Set and Soother, Newborn Essentials, Blue (Designs May Vary)

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  • Anti-colic: Our vented base design prevents the build-up of air bubbles in your MAM bottle set, keeping your new baby's tummy settled and the drinking flow relaxed
  • Self-sterilising: MAM baby bottles can be sterilised with 20ml of water, a microwave, and three minutes. Baby feeding made as easy as one, two, three!
  • Starter set: Includes the components for 4 complete bottles, plus MAM bottle handles, Slow Flow Skin Soft teats, extra soft spout, and a 0-2 months MAM Start soother
  • BPA/BPS free: The MAM Starter Set is 100% BPS and BPA-Free, making it ideal for breast milk storage and feeding. The material is odourless and tasteless
  • Product details: MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti Colic Starter Set, Newborn Bottle Set and Soother, Baby Feeding, Colour: Blue (Designs May Vary), Article Number: GP0014BUK
"MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti Colic Starter Set - The bottle set that grows alongside your babyDisplaying playful designs and a precise measuring scale, the MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti Colic Starter Set is bolstered by the innovative vented base of the bottles, which prevents the formation of air bubbles in liquids. Research shows that 80% of colic cases can be prevented with these bottles and at MAM we put the wellbeing of your new baby first, so all six bottles in our starter set proudly feature this technology. On top of that, the bottles come with MAM SkinSoft Teats, which are accepted by 94% of babies.*Your baby will outgrow everything from car seats to clothes in their first year of life, so make sure that they don't outgrow their bottles too. This set of anti-colic baby bottles is significant in that it comes with all of the necessary components to put together the bottles you'll need for your baby's first year. The set contains two different sizes of bottles, a baby soother that is appropriate from birth, and MAM Bottle Handles that will aid in the transition from bottle to cup.Product Description: *Market research 2009-2022, tested with 1,643 babies**Market research 2010-2018, tested with 1,383 babies. 4x 160ml Anti-Colic Bodies; 4x 260ml Anti-Colic Bottles; 4x Sealing Discs; 1x MAM Handles; 1x Soft Spout; 1x Start 0-2M Soother

From the manufacturer


MAM Easy Start Starter Set - Small

MAM's Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle is made for an easy switch between breast and bottle thanks to the patented SkinSoft teat which provides a familiar feel for babies. This starter set offers everything you need for baby's first drinking experience.

Includes the components for 4x complete 160ml bottles, 4x 260ml bottle bodies to switch out once your baby is older, bottle handles, slow-flow SkinSoft teats, 1x Extra Soft Spout and a MAM Start Soother for 0-2 months.

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      All included baby bottles are self sterilising, removing the need for a separate steriliser. Simply add water and pop them in the microwave!



      MAM’s unique vented base allows for a smooth drinking flow that prevents your baby from swallowing air, resulting in less colic.

      MAM Icons A+ - 300x225 - 94%* Accept.pngMAM Icons A+ - 300x225 - 94%* Accept.png

      94% Teat Acceptance

      Teats feature MAM’s SkinSoft silicone for a familiar feel and latch; with a 94% acceptance rate*.

      *Market research 2009-2022, tested with 1,643 babies

      MAM Icons A+ - 300x225 - BPA:BPS Free.pngMAM Icons A+ - 300x225 - BPA:BPS Free.png

      BPA/BPS Free

      All MAM products included in the set are made from BPA and BPS-Free materials.

      What is included in this set?

      This MAM Easy Start Starter Set includes:

      4x Easy Start 160ml anti colic bottles with slow flow teats, 6x Easy Start 260ml anti colic bottle bodies, 1x Start Soother 0-2 months, 1x extra soft bottle spout, 1x bottle handles

      Are these bottles compatible with MAM breast pumps?

      Yes, all MAM bottles are compatible with MAM breast pumps.

      Is the shape of the soother and teat important?

      Yes, both the soother shield & teat shape are very important. MAM's orthodontic teats are flat & symmetrical, ensuring that they always fit correctly in babies mouths. Our shields have a clever curve & large air holes, for optimum comfort & air flow.

      Are MAM Products BPA/BPS free?

      Yes, All MAM Breastfeeding products are BPA/BPS free.

      More from MAM

      MAM knows that being a parent is not always easy, so we make products that are smart and simple to use. For over 40 years we've been obsessed with making innovative pacifiers, bottles, cups, teethers, and toothbrushes, providing babies with optimal care at all stages.

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      Soother included
      1 x Start Soother - 1 x Perfect Start Soother 1 x Start Soother 2 x Original Soother 1 x Perfect Start Soother 1 x Start Soother + Clip
      Bottle(s) included
      4 x Easy Start Bottles 4 x Easy Start Bottles 3 x Feel Good Glass Bottles 1 x Easy Start Bottle 4 x Easy Start Bottles 1 x Easy Start Bottle 3 x Easy Start Bottles
      0+ Months 0+ Months 0+ Months 0+ Months 0+ Months 0+ Months 0+ Months
      Teat Flow
      Slow Fast Slow + Medium Slow Slow Slow Slow
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