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BABYGO® Magnetic Child Safety Cupboard Locks for Children [10 Locks, 2 Keys & 8 Free Corner Protectors] Baby Proofing Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers Easy 30 Second Install (No Drilling) with 3M Adhesive

BABYGO® Magnetic Child Safety Cupboard Locks for Children [10 Locks, 2 Keys & 8 Free Corner Protectors] Baby Proofing Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers Easy 30 Second Install (No Drilling) with 3M Adhesive

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  • 👑 BABYGO - The #1 Child Safety Brand are now on Amazon! Our invisible, child cupboard locks are 5x stronger than other leading brands. What does this mean? Our magnetic locks work on the highest quality cupboard carcass; We guarantee to keep your inquisitive child safe from harmful objects and no longer occupied with what is behind your cupboards and drawers!
  • 🛡 LIFELONG PERFORMANCE tested to repel a pull force of 66lbs/29.9kg, when your cupboards and drawers are closed. Our locks use extra strong 3M self-adhesive tape, meaning no screws and no lasting damage to your furniture.(Optional screws provided)
  • 🛠 SUPER FAST, HIGH QUALITY, EASY INSTALLATION! No DIY skills or tools are needed. Our next generation installation tool is the only tool to enable you to fit your lock and catch simultaneously. You can now baby proof more cupboards and more drawers with pinpoint accuracy, faster than ever before, with even less room for installation errors.
  • 👶 ATTENTION ALL PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, CHILD CARERS! Unlike traditional locks our dual setting locks are hidden from view and can be locked or unlocked at any time. Amazing flexibility when your baby or toddler are not around. :star2: BONUS :star2: Our product is now complete with 8 corner and edge protectors, extra safety when your child is running around the house!
  • 📝 COMPATIBILITY CHECKLIST: Our locks are suitable with cupboards & drawers with: Pull-to-Open Mechanism, Slide-to-Open Mechanism, Soft Close Mechanism, Multi Drawers Set, Sideboard Units. :gb: Installation book included. :movie_camera: Need more help? Watch our easy to install videos online.

Product Description

child safety lockschild safety locks
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  1. child safety locks

    30 Seconds to Install.

    No DIY skills, no problem! We have made installation faster & even more accurate than others with our innovative adapter no tools are required. It takes just 30 seconds to fit one of our locks.

  2. child safety locks

    8 Free Corner Protectors.

    Included with your Child Saftey Locks are 8 BPA free, baby friendly material corner protectors. Made to prevent your child from the danger of sharp corners and reduce the likelihood of injury.

  3. child safety locks

    Easily Enabled & Disabled.

    Our locks can be deactivated when the little ones aren’t around. Perfect for grandparents, babysitters or child care settings.

  4. child safety locks

    Perfect for Every Room.

    Each pack contains 2 Keys meaning you’ll always have a key in arms reach, store them in multiple rooms around the house out of reach of your little ones for easy access to your cupboards and drawers.

  5. child safety lock

    Mounting Cap with Adhesive

    Our simple twist off cap ensures the key can be stuck to a surface of your choice, out of reach of your little one, but in perfect reach for you.

How thick can the door/drawer/cabinet be?

Our Magnetic Key has a magnet strength of 38mm any door/drawer/cabinet etc with a thickness less than this will activate the unlock mechanism of our safety locks.

Can they bit fitted sideways?

Our locks can be fitted upright, sideways and upside down.

Why is my lock not working?

The most common case for this is that the lock is in "disabled mode" and hasn't been pushed up to enable the lock to engage the catch. By default, our locks are in disabled mode.

Why does my key not work?

Please ensure that you remove/unscrew the mounting cap from the bottom of the magnetic key before using as this will allow the full distance of the key when unlocking.

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