Game On, New Dads! Gaming Solutions for the Sleep-Deprived Fathers Club

Game On, New Dads! Gaming Solutions for the Sleep-Deprived Fathers Club

Congratulations, new dads! Your bundle of joy has finally arrived, and so have the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. But fear not, fellow fathers, for your gaming days are not over. We know you need that little escape to destress from changing diapers and learning how to swaddle. In this blog post, we'll explore some gaming solutions for busy new dads, including using a Backbone controller, Nintendo Switch, and the upcoming Steam Deck Handheld console. So, dust off those controllers and quench your gaming thirst with Call of Duty, God of War, GTA, or FIFA–your inner gamer deserves it.

Backbone for iOS

Introducing the Backbone Controller
Do you miss your Xbox or Playstation 5 controller, but baby duty calls for your attention? Enter the Backbone controller, a fantastic solution designed specifically for smartphones, both iPhones and Androids. This brilliant device transforms your phone into a gaming console, meaning you can now game on-the-go while you rock your little one to sleep in their stroller, or during those oh-so-short naps.

Backbone for android

Xbox and Playstation Integration
The Backbone controller’s user-friendly design includes a dedicated app that connects to your Xbox, Playstation 5, or even your PC game library. This allows you to stream and play your favourite games like Call of Duty, God of War, or FIFA, directly on your phone – virtually experiencing the consoles you miss so dearly. Now you can sneak in that gaming session while your partner catches up on some much-needed rest or multitask like a boss during those midnight feeds.

OLED Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch: A Gamer's Best Friend
If you are looking for a more traditional gaming experience, the Nintendo Switch might just be your new go-to. This versatile console can be played in a handheld mode, docked to your TV, or used as a tabletop device, giving you the flexibility to game when and where it suits you. With its extensive game library, including The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing, there's something for everyone (and maybe even something to share with your little one in a few years!).

Steam Deck Console

Steam Deck Handheld: The Next Big Thing
The upcoming Steam Deck Handheld console, by Valve, might just be the perfect solution for new dads. This sleek device promises to let you play your entire Steam library with the convenience of a handheld console. With a custom AMD APU allowing for top-notch performance and a battery life of up to 8 hours, this gadget will keep you immersed in your favorite games like GTA or the latest releases, no matter where you are – just make sure you're still on diaper duty!

Gaming Responsibly
While these devices offer fantastic solutions to keep your gaming love alive, it's essential to balance your time between your family and virtual worlds. Embrace the art of multitasking, squeezing in gaming sessions during those quiet moments, or find co-op games to bond over with your partner once your little one is snoozing. Your family will always come first, but there's no shame in enjoying some well-earned gaming time, too.

Becoming a new father doesn't mean you have to give up on your love for gaming. There are plenty of options available to fit in gaming sessions, whether you use a Backbone controller, a Nintendo Switch, or eagerly await the arrival of the Steam Deck Handheld console. Just remember to strike the right balance between gaming and parenting–after all, you've leveled up in life, and you're now a hero both virtually and in reality. Game on, new dads!

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